Monday, July 27, 2009

Task 1


  1. Wave is propagation phenomenon of….
  2. Based on its medium of propagation, wave on the water surface is….
  3. Phenomenon when a wave is passing through a small slit is called ….
  4. The characteristic that differentiate vibration and wave is….
  5. At t=0 s, a vibration having frequency f is reaching its maximum deflection, that is y=A. The correct vibration equation is….
  6. The sound wave having frequency of 256 Hz moving through the air with speed 330 m/s. The propagation velocity of sound wave frequency 512 Hz and moving through the air is ….
  7. The relationship angular velocity () and vibration or wave frequency (f) is….
  8. A transverse wave has period of 4 s is drawn in the form of sine curve. If two adjacent points with the same phase of 8 cm in distance, the speed of propagation is….
  9. The phenomenon that can only be occurred in the transverse wave but cannot be occurred in the longitudinal wave is….
  10. Give some examples of wave that has the fastest propagation
  11. The wave on a rope is travelling with speed of 0.5 m/s. If the period of the wave is 2 s, the wave length is …
  12. The travelling wave is described by equation y=12 sin (4t+x), with y and x in meter. Its frequency and wavelength are….
  13. A wave is travelling on a rope with one of its end is tightened up on a pole. The incident wave equation is Yd =2 sin (t-2x). The reflected wave equation is….
  14. The reflected wave on a rope with one end tightened up has phase change of….degree
  15. The reflected wave on a rope with free end has phase change of….degree
  16. Stationary wave is also called ….
  17. A travelling wave propagates to the right has an equation of Yd=5 sin (6t-4x). The stationary wave formed by the superposition of this wave and ist reflection at free end will have an equation of ….
  18. An electromagnetic wave (v =3.108 m/s) has a wave number of 6.28 m-1. Determine its
  19. a. Wavelength, b. Period, c. Frequency.
  20. A Travelling wave has amplitude of A= 0.02 cm, wavelength of 75 cm, and propagation speed of 75 cm/s. Construct the wave equation.
  21. A wave travelling to the right with equation Yd= 5 sin (0.2 t-0.4x). Determine stationary wave equation formed due to superposition between this wave and its reflected wave at free end.

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